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From the bath to the mirror,

In the Oriental world, from time immemorial, the refined art of traditional cosmetics dives its roots in the customs of an empirical and natural medicine. By this spirit, the body care practice begins with bathing and purifying rituals, continues with treatments of hair and skin before application of antique recipes to emphasize the most beautiful attributes of the body and the face. Conceived originally to enhance the natural beauty, these ancient formulae also strengthen the body against external threats and time attacks. Developed and produced in Marrakech, near Atlas Mountains, AMYS range reveals all the secrets of well-being and beauty from mesmerizing Morocco. Elaborated from the best natural ingredients, AMYS products are strictly controlled before being conditioned in elegant, modern and practical packages

AMYS Principles

Exceptional, Natural and refined,

1 - AMYS base ingredients are extracted from very rare, endemic products of Morocco and that are recognized on an international scale for the exceptional results they provide. These products are such as Argan oil, Rhassoul, Sea Salts, Rose and Barbarian Cactus, etc.
2 - AMYS ingredients are natural, from herbal and mineral premium origin only, and are alcohol free. So AMYS products are Halal.
3 - Conservation system of AMYS products is Paraben free.
4 - AMYS Products are not tested on animals.
5 - AMYS offers you the most refined traditional Moroccan beauty recipes.

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