Toning Bath Sea Salts - With Rosemary and

For the joy of taking a long and relaxing bath, these wonderful scented bath salts will make you really appreciate this break. Sea salt contains 26 minerals. They soothe the skin, promote its wellbeing, and relieve it from day-to-day strains. The essential oil of bitter orange is an invigorating toner. When added to bath water, it revitalizes the body. This oil is highly recommended for oily skin, and in cases of excessive sweating, insomnia, and stress. Seaweed relaxes muscles, eliminates toxins, and supplies your body with critical mineral elements. Add 2 table spoons of product to your bath, enjoy during 15 to 20 min, relax 10 min after bathing.

Quantity : 250 gr
Components : 100% natural, without paraben, without alcohol, keep dry.

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