Relaxant Bath Oil - With Eucalyptus

Bathing is a simple ritual. It moisturises the skin, soothes tired limbs, and helps relax the mind. Our bath oils diffuse on contact with water and powerful essential oils are inhaled and at the same time absorbed directly through the skin, into the bloodstream. Our bath oils are free of preservatives and of colouring and synthetic fragrances. The essential oil of Eucalyptus is ideal for soothing tense muscles, stiff joints, and muscular cramps and spasms. Gently cooling and antispasmodic, this bath oil makes you feel fully relaxed. bath (water temperature at 100 °F), enjoy during 15 to 20 minutes and relax 10 minutes after bathing.

Quantity : 100 ml
Components : 100 % Natural, Herbal ingredients only, without paraben, without alcohol Protect from light and maintain at temperature between 50 °F and 104 °F

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