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Slimming Massage Oil - Respiratory, Circulatory and Anti-Cellulite

For a revitalizing and slimming massage, resort to the strengths of Cedar. Cedar restores vitality and energy. Essential oils enhance its qualities and greatly impact respiratory and circulatory systems. Thanks to its draining properties, Cedar oil is particularly effective when used during a massage or for Lymphatic drainage therapy. It reduces the appearance of cellulite and water retention. More

Green Clay Mask

Energizing Massage Oil - Energy, Strength and Vitality

Popular and used for centuries, Ginger has powerful medicinal properties and treats physical weaknesses. The massage oil with Ginger is energizing and provides strength and vitality. More

Seaweed Facial Mask

Sensual Massage Oil - Calms, Balances and Harmonizes The Body

This sensual oil is derived from Ylang Ylang and has soothing qualities. It balances and harmonizes the body. Ylang Ylang is valued for its sweet and strong fragrance. It is known to regulate blood pressure and deeply relaxes the body. More

Green Clay Mask

Muscular Massage Oil - Relieves Muscular Pains

To relieve muscular tension accumulated on a daily or weekly basis and to reduce body aches due to physical exertion, muscle cramps or spasms, enjoy a massage with Gaultheria. The herb’s soothing qualities bring relief and repose. More

Green Clay Mask

Stress-Relief Massage Oil - Relax and Stress-Relief

For a truly relaxing massage and experience, this rich and fine Jasmine oil will provide you with the wellbeing you crave. The massage oil contains noble oils (Argan, Sweet Almond, and Sesame). Together, along with Jasmine extract oil, it softens, balances, and promotes skin restoration. The skin is thereby protected from oxidation and effects of aging. More

Green Clay Mask

Toning Massage Oil - Toning Oil For The Body And Mind

This unrivalled oil is a brand new beauty treatment. Massaging the entire body with this toning oil leaves even the driest skin feeling revitalized and velvet soft. Thanks to its ingredients, this oil nourishes, protects, and reinforces your skin. A massage with this oil not only tones the body, it also invigorates the mind, thanks to its essential oil derived from Savory. More

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