morrocan clays wraps


Rhassoul - Cleansing, Soothing

Rhassoul is used in haircare to eliminate dandruff and treat oily hair. It cleans delicately your hair and gives exceptional shine and smoothness. Used also as body mask, it cleans and cleanses the skin. For severe dry skins and hairs, excellent results are obtained by adding to the mixture small quantity of argan oil or sweet almond oil. More

Seaweed Facial Mask

Seaweed Facial Mask - Age Defying Treatment

Thanks to Spiruline Beta-carotene and Vitamin E, this mask has age-defying properties. It contains important mineral elements that are essential for smoothing out wrinkles and sustaining healthy skin structure. This mask is the best preparation to age-defying treatment. More

Facial Radiance Mask

Facial Radiance Mask - Revitalizing and Firming

his surprising clay suits all skin types and produces extraordinary results. It purifies, reduces wrinkles, rejuvenates, and pleasantly brightens and smoothes your skin. Traditionally, this treatment was used by noble families and brides. - Normal and Dry skins: Mix 1 teaspoon of this masque with one egg yolk. Apply avoiding eyes and wait for 20 min More

White Clay Mask

White Clay Mask - Cleansning and Clearing

Applying the clay twice a month is essential for restoring and maintaining a smoother and radiant complexion. The white clay is a perfect defoliant, ideal for fragile, sensitive, moderate to severe dry skin, and for skin prone to allergic reactions. Its mineral composition, once applied, relieves skin congestion, cleanses, revitalizes, smoothes, and brightens the wearer's complexion. More

Green Clay Mask

Green Clay Mask - Refreshing and Matifying

Applying the clay twice a month is essential for restoring and maintaining a smoother and radiant complexion. This green clay contains beneficial minerals, ideal for oily and normal skin. It relieves skin congestion, cleanses, revitalizes, and smoothes your skin. Add 15 gr of Green clay to 50 ml of water. Wait 1 hour. Apply the facial mask to face and neck. Wait 15 to 30 minutes. Clean with cold water. More

Henne of Moroccan Oasis

Henne of Moroccan Oasis - Strenghtening and Coloring

On hair: Mix henna powder with water to obtain soft and smooth dough. Apply to wet hair and wait around 30 min. To have a really dark tint, it is necessary to leave the henna two hours, or even a whole night.
- On skin: To make motives, mix henna powder with water to make very soft dough. Use appropriate tool to realize your drawings. Let dry around 30 min before scratching and eliminating. More

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