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Matifying Body Wrap

Matifying Body Wrap - Cleansing, Refreshing, Matifiant

Thanks to the purifying properties of the green clay, this body wrap eliminates excess of sebum and cleans the pores deeply; it stimulates the microcirculation, streamlines and exfoliates carefully. The essential oil of mint is anti-oxidizing and tonic for the skin. This body wrap leaves a smooth, tonic and revitalized complexion.More

Body Clearing Wrap

Body Clearing Wrap - Soothing, Purifying, Clearing

Used in hammam or bath, this body wrap is purifying, soothing, revitalizing, exfoliating and clearing. It leaves your skin cleared up, smooth and velvet like. This body wrap consists of white clay, starch and powder of rose petals. It is used as a body mask.More

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