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Purifying Sauna & Hammam Oil

Purifying Sauna & Hammam Oil - Anticeptic and circulatory

The essential oil of Atlas Cedar tones the body and stimulates natural defences via its antiseptic and circulatory functions.More

Relaxing Sauna & Hammam Oil

Relaxing Sauna & Hammam Oil - Scenting and relaxing

The essential oil of lavender with flowery and embalming fragrance has very effective benefits on nervous system. Used as sauna aroma oil, it helps defence against stress, tension, nervousness and headaches and facilitates the sleep. More

Respiratory Sauna & Hammam Oil

Respiratory Sauna & Hammam Oil - Purifying and Respiratory

The essential oil of Eucalyptus has natural antibiotic and purifying properties. It is highly effective for chest tightness. More

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